IE11 End Of Life

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) will be end of life on 15th June 2022.

When will IE 11 go End of Life?

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. This means that after 15th June, Internet Explorer desktop application will be out of support and disabled, automatically redirecting you to Microsoft Edge.

Why is Microsoft Edge the preferred browser

Microsoft Edge is deemed to be faster and more secure. Not only this, but it gives users a more modern browsing experience, and resolves compatibility issues for older, legacy applications too.

If you need IE 11 for key applications, you’ll be glad to hear that Microsoft Edge has Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) built in. This means that you can still access your legacy websites and applications – it also gives you a bit of time to upgrade those databases.

In order to use IE mode, your PC will need to have Microsoft Edge – you can find this in your PC’s taskbar. After that, IE Mode can be turned on via Edge’s >settings, >default browser.

Will I be affected?

If your devices run Windows 10 20H2 or later, then IE 11 will be phased out. For those on earlier releases, or still on Windows 8.1, there’s no change for now (although eventually an end of life date will be released). Users with SharePoint may experience some changes in the way they access documents. Opening folders via ‘files with Explorer’ and ‘view in file Explorer’ will not be possible after 15th June. Instead, users can either access SharePoint via the web browser, or One Drive Sync.

Need help?

If you’re unsure if your applications require IE 11, or you need help setting up One Drive Sync, please contact the Datcom team. We can help get you set up quickly and securely.

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