Hosted Desktop and Office 365

Upgrade of desktop computers to Datcom's hosted desktop solution to provide excellent performance and access anywhere to all apps, in conjuction with Office 365 to provide email and intranet capabilities


Datcom are accustomed to working with clients who need to retain their anonymity, in this instance an outsourced service provider working with pharmaceutical companies to look after their clients' safety data.

The Company ensures all the data for the drugs manufactured by its clients is safe, compliant and properly regulated which means they deal with large amounts of safety data every day.

The company's services are all delivered through IT solutions and dependent upon secure and efficient systems.

The company has grown significantly since 2008 and required a larger, more reliable IT system to support this, as well as office moves and relocations. The 24/7 nature of the services provided also means that they required out of hours support.


  • Securely manage the wealth of data the company uses
  • Offer a 24-hour service to meet needs of the industry and international clients
  • Support the growth of the business via IT services, incorporating software and hardware solutions and equipment
  • Project manage a cloud migration and provide support for office relocation's

Approach and Solution

Datcom has supported the company through its growth since the start of the business relationship in 2009. During this time it has implemented new servers to manage the level of data the company deals with and performed upgrades when necessary. Datcom has controlled the implementation of new hardware and manages all broadband requirements. The planning and preparation process is managed via regular quarterly meetings, addressing such issues as the cloud migration. These meetings also provide an opportunity to troubleshoot other problems that have emerged during the previous three months as part of Datcom's network maintenance contract.


Datcom's plain speaking approach has really helped to deliver the most appropriate resolutions to IT issues. The client's in-house team find it easy to explain their problems in simple terms and can depend on Datcom to interpret and respond with an appropriate and understandable solution.

Both the client and their customers are reassured that their data and IT systems are in safe hands, so much so that everyone works together as a team, with Datcom developing close business relationships with all parties. They are considered an extension of the client's in-house team, always available to advise or resolve issues.

Now that the client has moved to a cloud based platform, business continuity and disaster recovery have been dramatically improved from days to minutes.

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