OnPremise Private Cloud

Design, install and support of a Private Cloud solution using VMware and deployment of Remote Desktop Services to provide a fast and secure computing experience on-site team members and remote workers


FMC is an international technical recruitment business. Recruiting professionals within engineering, software companies and professional services, it employs 35 people in two offices.

The firm recognised that its IT system had limited capacity and was too old to offer adequate support. It therefore needed to upgrade the sophistication of the system at the same time as switching to a multi-site solution.


  • Increase the IT capabilities within the company
  • Improve connectivity between both offices
  • Enable workplace flexibility and remote access using multiple devices
  • Ensure that ongoing IT management is in place

Approach and Solution

Datcom undertook the evaluation of various options available to FMC before making recommendations.

Together they chose to upgrade FMC to a combined system, with both physical servers and a cloud-based application - Microsoft Office 365 - that all staff can use across multiple devices. This hybrid provided a solution to the required upgrade in IT capability while enabling staff to access the system wherever they were based, either in the office or at home.


Datcom's suggestions have worked well for FMC. They proposed a perfect hybrid between a full cloud and full site solution that answers all elements of the brief.

The abilities of Datcom's technical team surpasses other IT support providers that FMC have worked with, which is why FMC chose to work with them on an ongoing basis. This relationship commenced in spring 2013. They have proved to have excellent technical back office support, demonstrating an understanding of the issues FMC face. Their experience is also reassuring; if they make a suggestion it is with the knowledge that the suggestion will work in practice.

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