Benefits of cloud telephony

If you are an SME and have a fast and reliable broadband connection, moving your telephone system to the Cloud offers several advantages which are hard to ignore. A few of the primary benefits which your business could gain are:-

  • Reduce your phone bill by over 50% by using SIP technology instead of landlines and significantly lower the cost per minute of outbound calls.
  • The phone system is hosted on highly reliable infrastructure across several datacentres and is backed up on a daily basis.
  • Attach different numbers to your business, such as a London area code, a 03 number, or even a specific number for a marketing campaign.
  • If you are a multi-site business, there will be no call costs between sites as it is all internal network traffic.
  • Install business phones into your remote worker's homes allowing them to phone out with the companies number, while also have an internal four-digit extension for quick dialing between employees.
The costs for a Datcom Voice system scales nicely alongside the size of your business. You only pay per handset per month. If you are a small business with 2 or 3 staff, you can get an Enterprise phone system with all the nice features for almost the same cost that you are paying BT for line rental on your current phone system. All updates, support, and maintenance, are included, ensuring your system is safe, secure and up to date at all times.

Upgrading your broadband line to Datcom’s solution would also allow ‘Quality Of Service’ to be applied to all calls, ensuring that external Internet Service Providers do not interfere with network traffic.

For larger business or call center installations, a hybrid deployment might be more suitable than a 100% Cloud solution. A hybrid system is where the Cloud platform continues to provide the main telephone functionality, in the event of an internet outage a backup system takes over, allowing internal and external calls to function with only minor disruption to the busines.

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