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Stay ahead of the ever-changing internal and external threats to your organisation's security, reputation and information. Our solutions prepare your systems and prevent attacks. Find out more about our IT security solutions

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We Will Perform a Security Audit

The first stage of our process is to perform a security audit. The point of our audit is to examine your network in great detail and provide you with a complete breakdown and plan of what equipment you have, where it is positioned and whether it is secure. The team at Datcom will also review the users and passwords on your system to make sure they use secure passwords and you do not have any users set up that should not be. Our detailed assessment will also review your data access and backups to make sure that everything set up correctly. Once the security audit is complete, we will discuss our findings with you and share the strategy we think, with our help, you need to put in place.

Providing a Range of Services

After we have been through the initial audit with you, we provide a range of services and system changes that will address the security issues identified. We ensure that the path to the internet will be configured so that your access to the internet will be secure. If we have come across issues with your users then we will make sure that your wireless network differentiates between guests and staff, ensuring your data will not be accessible to anyone outside of the business.

Ongoing Proactive Logging and Constant Monitoring

In today’s environment you can face an array of cyber threats that are designed to get your most valuable business information. It really does not matter how big or small your business is, if hackers want to cause chaos for your business, they will do it. It is so important that not only your data is protected but your clients' data is too. Here at Datcom we protect your IT infrastructure through intelligent monitoring and auditing. We are here to help and support you with any issues you may come across.

We Can Get Your Data Back

With some security companies you may find that when they have made changes, you then face the loss of your data. At Datcom this is not the case, we are experts in making sure that your business data is backed up. With our extensive experience in different variations of backup to various forms of media, you can be assured that your data will always be protected and reliable. If you are a client on our maintenance contract you will have your backup checked every working day as well as tested to make sure you are backing up your data back on a quarterly basis to ensure integrity if you need to restore your data.

Providing Encryption

Laptops and devices that leave the office will be secured with encryption to protect company data and intellectual property.

We Only Use the Best

To help you with your cybersecurity solutions, we use Cisco equipment, which is used to the professional industry standard for networking and internet connectivity. At Datcom, we are proud to say that we are Cisco Premier Partners, in fact the only ones in Lincolnshire. With our level of expertise, we are uniquely qualified to install and configure your equipment. But this is only the beginning, we supply IT security solutions advice for business, after the installation process.