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Effective communications technology is at the heart of successful business. We provide everything you need to communicate quickly and reliably - including hosted telephone systems and video conferencing. Find out more about our communications services

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Boost Productivity Within Your Business Environment

Business communication systems are configurable, fully integrated and are no longer an option for just larger companies. Our systems offer an array of features, including call queuing, recorded or monitored calls and integration into Outlook, which allows you to collaborate with your email software to call clients. The utilisation of the internet to make calls through your telephone system is also a great way of helping you save money on your telephone bills.

Green IT

Save valuable working time and decrease travel expenses with our business communication systems. If you employ video through your PC or laptop, then it can be used for meetings and video conferences, which are just as efficient as travelling to the clients themselves. Video conferencing and meetings give you the capability to collaborate on ideas, share your computer screen to analyse vital data, and much more.

Large and Small Company Functionalities

Our smaller business communication system can be used with micro and small businesses, whilst providing large company functionality. With our larger telephone systems, you can easily scale 1000’s of users across multiple locations.

Receive a System That Works for Your Business

At Datcom, we can provide either hosted systems based in our data centre, or physical systems in your office. We work alongside trusted partners, so you receive the system that works best for you and your business.

The Benefits Are Endless

Business communication systems help to improve the way your business works and enable easy, external collaborations. Our range of systems allow your team to participate in meetings, calls and catch-ups from anywhere, even on the go, ultimately allowing flexibility with your business as you can easily communicate from home, the office or on the road. As well as broadening meeting and conferencing capabilities, our business communication systems allow you to access and host internal and external training, share data and participate in any call at any time, just in one click or phone dial. We use the latest, innovative technology to help broaden productivity and speed up collaborations with the help of our expert team whenever you require. Here is what one of our clients says about us -

“Datcom have been our IT partners for many years, providing reliable support for our network, backups and client PCs and laptops. Due to the nature of our business, a lot of our team are remote or home workers, so having someone on hand to get our people quickly back if they have a problem is a real asset to our business.”

Reasons You Should Consider Our Business Communication Systems

• Increase your customer service potential.

• You are there when they need you.

• Allow your ideas to be seen and heard.

• Have a flexible working business that can still collaborate.

• Never miss a saving.

If a business ever has an opportunity to save on costs, then it should be done. It allows you to focus on adding more profits into different areas you want to excel in. At Datcom, we work closely with you to ensure your business communication system is meeting all of your requirements, including meeting your budget. Using our systems helps to reduce your overall telephone costs, as you are using your systems over the internet. If you are looking to bring in effective communication systems that help to bring together your clients and increase the productivity and morale of your team members, no matter where they may be, then please get in touch with us today. Feel free to give us a call on 0333 000 3210 or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.