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Free your business from the constraints of your current IT structure. Cloud computing lets you easily flex your IT as your business grows and it supports mobile working. Find out more about our Cloud services

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What is Cloud?

Simply explained, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services via the internet: this can include storage, servers, databases, networking, analytics, software and intelligence. There are three types of cloud environment, public, private and hybrid cloud. Faster innovation and more flexibility, our services come complete with effective cloud management. Using cloud computing services for business can help lower your overall operating costs as you have the capability to run your infrastructure more effectively as it scales around any changes your business requires. Cloud computing allows business freedom, as you can have a computer system that can be accessed from anywhere. Instead of having a physical server in your office, all of your data and applications are hosted in a local, dedicated data centre, all monitored and managed by us, so you can focus on the importance of your business development.

Change When You Need To

Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose where, when and how you use cloud computing to ensure an efficient and reliable IT solution. The hosted systems we provide come complete with storage and processing power that can be easily changed, upgraded or downgraded at any time you require. Due to these systems being highly available, dynamic and ready for any future expansion, many of our clients have made the move to the cloud and not looked back since.

“We’ve been a client of Datcom’s now for over six years. They’ve seen us through major server upgrades, transitions to cloud based services and they look after our day-to-day support. Always there, technically proficient and a human face for a complex area, they are a valued and trusted partner of our business.”

Office Manager - FMC Global Talent

Easily Access Your Cloud-Based Data

Our cloud system is optimised and engineered specifically with your connections in mind. A key benefit of choosing cloud computing services is that your data is always available quickly and easily. Plus, the security and system design ensures that your data is securely stored and protected from any unauthorised access, so you know the only people who are accessing your cloud data, are the people who have permission to do so. With all of these benefits, cloud computing services for businesses provide the perfect environment for both office and remote workers to access data simultaneously, allowing anyone in your business to have the freedom to work from home, on the road or demonstrating information at client offices.

Cloud Solutions Complete with the Best Equipment

Having a cloud solution provides you with reliability, making data backup and disaster recovery much easier. People assume that having our cloud solution is expensive, but fortunately this is not the case. Our services are cost-effective and you get a high quality.

Managed by Us, Owned by Us

All of our equipment is owned 100% by us, with nothing leased or outsourced. We are ISO certified and only partner with similar-minded companies who we know are going to be beneficial to our customers.

Is This the Right Route for You?

At Datcom, we will do everything we can to make sure we are providing the most essential services to your company, which is why we check beforehand if cloud solutions are viable for you. Connectivity of your devices is a key part to the success of a cloud environment, so we want to make sure that we can make it happen, or alternatively provide you with a service that can be beneficial to your company. Our team of technical experts are here to support organisations develop their cloud infrastructure with essential cloud computing services, helping to create a thorough cloud-based solution. If you would like to find out more about our cloud computing services for business use, then please feel free to email to us on - or give us a call on 0333 000 3210.